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Featured In: Middle East Outlets

The Islamic State’s Supposed Theology” cited in:

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Syria Contextualized: The Numbers Game” cited in:

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5/21/2013 “Syria Contextualized: The Numbers Game” featured in bibliography on the Arab Uprisings by the Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS).
3/13/2013 “Syria Contextualized: The Numbers Game,” featured in the Reading Room by Syria Deeply.


3/4/2014 “Collapse of the Syrian Opposition: Disaster or Opportunity?”
8/26/2013 “Shallow Democracy v. Deep State: An Archaeology of the Crisis in Egypt”
4/4/2013 “Syria Contextualized: The Numbers Game”

Syria Comment

9/1/2013  “Red Lines Drawn with Syrian Blood” & “Toxic Discourse on Chemical Weapons”
8/1/2013 “Al-Qaeda’s Renaissance: The Arab Spring & the New Mujahadeen”
7/8/2013 “Game Theory v. Syria’s Reality”
6/13/2013 “A Reply to George Abu Ahmad”
2/27/2013 “Is Authoritarianism Anti-Democratic?”

The Arabist 

4/21/2014 “The Real Contest for Egypt Has Been Won, Now the Spectacle Begins”
3/11/2013 “Is Authoritarianism Anti-Democratic?”

Featured In: Alternative Media

Trump Will Likely Win Reelection in 2020” cited in:

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The Democratic Party is Facing a Demographic Crisis” cited in:

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What Trump Gets Right (And Wrong) About Muslims” cited in:

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Hillary Clinton’s Atrocious Race Record” cited in:

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The DNC Is About to Coronate Donald Trump” cited in:

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America’s Biggest Terror Threat is from the Far-Right” cited in:

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ISIL’s Barbaric Acts Are Highly-Effective Propaganda” cited in:

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Mexican Drug Cartels Are Worse Than ISIL” cited in:

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The Myth and Reality of Sectarianism in Iraq” cited in:

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Israel, Not Hamas, Orchestrated the Latest Round of Conflict” cited in:

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Syria Contextualized: The Numbers Game” cited in:

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7/1/2015 “Building on Nietzsche’s Prelude: Reforming Epistemology for the Philosophy of the Future,” selected as a finalist for Brown Walker Press’ Annual Excellence Award.
7/27/2014 “The Obama Administration’s ‘Yeminization’ of the Middle East” featured in the Weekly Libertarian Leftist and Chess Review (40), Center for a Stateless Society. 


6/18/2015 “The Secret of ISIL’s Appeal”
“Iran’s Nuclear Threat is a Myth”
2/24/2015 “ISIL’s Barbaric Acts Are Highly-Effective Propaganda”
12/11/2014 “Does the Senate Report on CIA Torture Even Matter?”
11/14/2014 “Obama Must Abandoned Failed Strategies in Syria and Ukraine”
11/3/2014 “Don’t Think of the ‘Islamic State’ in Religious Terms”
10/1/2014  “By Hyping ISIL Threat U.S. is Falling into Group’s Trap”
8/8/2014 “Is Hamas Really to Blame for the Conflict in Gaza?”
7/23/2014 “Israel, Not Hamas, Orchestrated the Latest Round of Conflict”
3/7/2014 “Collapse of the Syrian Opposition: Disaster or Opportunity?”
12/7/2013 “The Ill-Considered Debate on Drones”

Institute for Public Accuracy

3/31/2014 “Red Hands Waving False Flags: Erdogan’s Plan for War in Syria”
1/21/2014 “Ignorance, Xenophobia & Toxic Alliances Inform Nuclear Standoff with Iran” & “Obama’s Case for War with Syria? Bullshit”
9/10/2013 “‘Flooding the Zone’ with Bullshit”
8/29/2013 “Red Lines Drawn in Syrian Blood”